Remapping Brazilian Cultural Studies/Remapeando os Estudos Culturais Brasileiros

University of London, Senate House,
Court Room, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
25 September 2015

*FINAL Conference Programme (updated 18 September)*

9:15-9:30 Welcome and Introduction to Conference

Stephanie Dennison (Leeds), Sara Brandellero (Leiden) and Tori Holmes (Queen’s University Belfast)

9:30-10:30 Conference Keynote

Professor David Treece (King’s, London): A special case? Exceptionalism and interdisciplinarity in Brazilian cultural studies
Chaired by Professor John Gledson (Liverpool)

10:30-10:45 COFFEE

10:45-11:30 Session One: The Shifting Role of the Culture Industries in Brazil
(Chair: Stephanie Dennison, Leeds):

Carmen Villarino Pardo (Santiago de Compostela): Novo desafios para a cultura: a economia da cultura e os processos atuais de internacionalização do Brasil

Leonardo Tonus (Sorbonne): Torcicolos acadêmicos e os guetinhos brasilianistas

11:30-12:10 Session Two: Re-reading the Canon
(Chair: Sara Brandellero, Leiden):

Felipe Botelho (King’s, London): Lima Barreto’s “inéditos”: A methodology to uncover pseudonyms

Ana Paula Cardozo de Souza (Leiden): João do Rio: um visitante da noite (1903-1913)

Claire Williams (Oxford): How to Build a 1950s Woman: Luiz Fernando Carvalho channels Clarice Lispector

12:10-12:45 Session Three: Brazilian Cultural Studies in the Classroom
(Chair & Respondent: Aquiles Brayner, British Library):

Rosane Ramos (King’s, London): Literatura brasileira em movimento

Antônio Márcio da Silva (Kent): Quando o ensino de língua e estudos culturais andam de mãos dadas: reflexões sobre uma abordagem para Estudos Brasileiros em contexto universitário

12:45-13:40 LUNCH

Lunchtime screening: ‘The Heart of Brazil’, a selection of photographs by Sue and Patrick Cunningham of the Xingu River communities

13:40-14:40 Session Four: Remapping Identities
(Chair: Ana Martins, Exeter):

Lúcia Sá (Manchester): Remapping racism in Brazil: Prejudice against indigenous peoples in times of agrobusiness

Louise de Mello (Seville): Unveiling identities and ethnicities concealed under the Brazilian nationality in South-West Amazonia

André Cicalo (King’s, London): Race relations and Afro-Brazilian material heritage: Looking at Rio de Janeiro with a diachronic approach

14:40-15:20 Session Five: Digital Visibilities
(Chair: Chandra Morrison, ILAS):

David Wood (Sheffield): One Hundred Years of Golitude: Football and literature in Brazil

Thea Pitman (Leeds): In search of digital indigenous peoples: A non-tokenistic approach to Brazilian Cultural Studies from your average Latin-Americanist

Tori Holmes (Queen’s University Belfast): A digital culture perspective on urban change in Brazil: Contemporary webdocumentaries from Rio de Janeiro

15:20-15:40 TEA

15:40-16:40 Session Six: Cultural Flows and Exchanges
(Chair: Tori Holmes, Queen’s University Belfast):

Lisa Shaw (Liverpool): Carmen Miranda’s voice in Hollywood

César Jiménez-Martínez (LSE): Between the streets and the stadiums: Looking at the international image of Brazil through the eyes of a Chilean scholar

Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá (Cambridge): The adventures of an English pirate in sixteenth-century Brazil: New perspectives on early Brazil

16:40-17:20 Session Seven: Returning to Past and Trauma
(Chair: Leonardo Tonus, Sorbonne):

Tatiana S. Heise (Glasgow): The weight of the past: Trauma and testimony in Que Bom Te Ver Viva

Miriam Grossi (Nottingham): Espaços (e corpos) da exceção

Respondent: Vinicius de Carvalho (King’s, London)

17:20-18:00 Concluding Session: Round table discussion: Problems of distant reading: Challenges and traps of studying Brazilian culture from the global North

Emmanuelle Santos (Warwick); Bernard McGuirk (Nottingham); Sara Brandellero (Leiden); Rui Miranda (Nottingham)

18:00-19:00 Conference Reception, hosted by Secretary Hayle Gadelha, Brazilian Embassy, London

Papers will be in the language of the title (Portuguese or English).

Conference organized with support from the Institute of Latin American Studies, London.

NB: A meeting to discuss the new Network of European Brazilianists working in Cultural Analysis (REBRAC) will take place at the same venue on Saturday, 26 September, 9:30am-11am.

Organizers: Dr Stephanie Dennison, Dr Tori Holmes, Dr Sara Brandellero. Further queries:

See also:; REBRAC on Facebook and @rebracweb on Twitter.

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