Promotion: New Brazilian Studies series from Peter Lang

Peter Lang is delighted to announce the launch of a new Brazilian Studies series, edited by Prof. João Cesar de Castro Rocha, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

peter-langThis book series aims to bring together two cultural traditions that shaped Brazil as an ‘imagined community’, to recall Benedict Anderson’s concept. On the one hand, the so-called pensamento social brasileiro, founded on an essayistic tradition, scrutinized Brazilian historical processes in order to glean an all-encompassing answer to the question of national identity; on the other hand, the academic tradition, rooted in the university, privileged theoretical and methodological concerns over literary style. Brazilian Studies aims to bridge the gap between these two traditions, enriching both precisely by virtue of their differences.

The series welcomes manuscripts in all disciplines of human and social sciences and literary and cultural studies. It is open to multiple, even opposing theoretical and methodological approaches: from literary criticism and comparative literature to archival and intellectual history; from cultural and media studies to material culture; from film and TV studies to art history and education; from anthropological to sociological and historical case studies. Brazilian Studies will foster exchanges between new trends in scholarship in Brazil and the English-speaking world, providing a platform for studies on Brazilian history, society, culture and literature.

The first volume to appear in the series will be A circulação literária e cultural edited by Jose Luis Jobim de Salles Fonseca, forthcoming March 2017.

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